Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stalker Ex's

IJS what does ex mean to you? For me it means your no longer apart of my life or my daughters life, if thats what I choose. Do you have a ex that just doesn't get it? Can't let go. Uses kids as a reason to "see how your doing?" Now I do have an ex or 2 who is NOT interested in being with me romanically. Have moved on, gotten married or whatever.

To have someone NOT get that its over once you said it- move out- stopped having sex act like your just playin or she'll come aroung -That is so annoying to me. Controlling even. Delusional! You hate to be rude but damn! What do you do? How do you explain to your new mate that your ex is calling or doing crazy things to keep in contact with you? I just get an occasional phone call from mine but I know other people whose story isn't that simple. I hate to change my number but damn! IJS

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Women are the backbone

IJS Women do everything. I am everything to my family. Do you ever feel like if you were not home to do the smallest of tasks and something as simple as organization of a day or weekend or family vacation or doctors visit or whatever it is----if you took a day off from being mom, girlfriend, wife….they would be lost. GOD gave us a big job. I am comforted in that I know that I am needed by those that I love the most---even if they are too busy not noticing unless I DO NOT do something! Imjustsayin

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oral Sex on the go!

IJS the best thing in the morning is to get ready for work or on the way someplace....then give your partner oral sex on the way out the door! No talking! imjustsayin.... Please your mate and they will be shocked and thinking about your episode for the remainder of the day.....imjustsayin

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What type of parent are you or will you be?

IJS do you ever wonder what type of parent your kids will describe you as when they get older? What do you say about your parents now as an adult? Were they always working and provided well or always home, was your father or mother absent? Were you poor or had little but that made you stronger so you appreciate that as an adult? What I take from my upbringing honestly is what I didn’t want for myself. My parents have been married for 33 years. My mom is in a marriage alone. My father was and still is a alcoholic. I am not ashamed of that, it is what it is. When I was much younger I used to think my dad was the best and a great provider because we wanted for nothing. But he was not the best husband to my mother. What I learned is life is so short to have regrets 10, 20 or 30 years later. Love who loves you back, laugh, do what you want AND whats best for you! Focus on the wants and desires of your life not the negative. Someone, trust me, someone always has is worse than you think you do. So if you have kids now or not. What will they say to their friends, or write in their blogs or diaries about you when they are grown? imjustsayin there is no parent rule book that crosses social and geographical and economic barriers. I think most people do the best they can. Cycle have to be broken by communication. I hope my daughter will say that I did the best I could and that she learned many valuable laws of life from me. I hope she will say she learned how to love and be loved. How to laugh and not take everything so seriously.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Eating alone

IJS have you ever been to a restaurant to see the couple next to your or across from your table NOT TALKING AT ALL??!! OMG how sad. I was just in Chili's over the week to see yet another couple forcing themselves to spend time with each other. Food and conversing go hand in hand. I mean, they didn't say a work except to order thier food. They never mad eye contact. I have seen this with young and old- all races. If you find yorself sitting across from the person your sleeping with at dinner- if there are no words to be said- you may want to rethink that. I was thinking as I was looking at them...I wonder where they wish they were right now, who is she thinking could be sitting in front of her instead of her husband? Who or what was he thinking of instead of enjoying a nice meal with his wife?

I thought this was sad. They may as well had been eating alone. IJS

Sunday, May 17, 2009

We are human, ya know

IJS make better choices. Don’t blame yourself for past mistakes. Take from it and move forward! Don’t get staginate on what happened to make your current situation what it is. Get over it. Then get on with it. Imjustsayin

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Think it

IJS why are we as a people surprised that they don’t have all the things we want in life? Do we constantly complain about what we don’t have? Are your thoughts getting in your own way? I don’t have, woe is me, why can’t I, I wish I could, etc… I believe our lives are a manifestation of the things we think and say. If you don’t have the job you want- STOP complaining about that and start professing what you DO want is around the corner or that you will have it or that you’re on your way to getting it! Look around you. Who is in your circle that is doing well AND happy? What is the basis their conversation? Are they complaining about all the things they hate? Probably not. When you find yourself complaining about something- STOP and reverse it- try it for 7 days. See what happens. imjustsayin- life is too short!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Best Sex Life

IJS are you living your best sex life? How important is it to you? I love sex. I am very a sensual person. I always knew when I settled down I wanted a man who could feed my desires. I remember being with some crazy characters. You know the guys that just want to get off and leave laying there like Whitney Houston in waiting to exhale. Mad as hell. Even have to call the back up man once he left. Yes, fella’s. Bad sex will turn the most prim and proper lady into a whore for a night! LOL. We will never admit to doing that so don’t even ask. We will lie. Period. Just know that if you don’t want to be the sour subject of a Monday morning email or phone conversation on the way to work—you’ll step up your game. Also, just in case there are any men out there not going down on their partner—you should be castrated! Imjustsayin --- Get the book 101 Nights of Grrreat Sex! It will change your relationship or make it better or whatever! Just do it. (no punt intended!)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Are you even a good woman?

IJS Are you single and don’t want to be? First off- stop acting single. Stop thinking as 1. If you want a mate and I mean a real man to compliment you or a real women to stand by your side- stop complaining with your friends that there AREN'T ANY!!! Hello! Look in your social circle..the people complaining are the ones in constant bad relationships or not in 1 at all. I’m not talking about the people that are lying to themselves that they love being single. I am talking about the people who are tired of being single and going through the BS- kinda. The fact is there are good men and women out there- you are the good man or woman- the dude you broke up with because he just does’t understand you WAS a good man- just NOT for you at that time. So, STOP saying they aren’t any good this or that and you do the changing. I had to realize if I really wanted to be someone’s wife I had to stop acting ho like. Yep. I said it. Most women sleep around hoping the next lay will get them a ring- eventually. But it doesn’t happen like that. Look in the mirror- are you even wifey material today? Do you sleep with 2 or more men over the weekend? LOL, you ain't ready shawty. imjustsayin

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just quit and shoot yourself! 5/12

IJS where has customer service gone? If you hate your job, quit. If you hate your boss and it's making you be an ass, quit. If your mad you were passed over for that promotion you deserved but can’t get over it and want to pee in your boss’ coffee, please put down the mug and quit. Sure, we do what we have too and have taken that JOB that we needed to put food on the table. We knew it was temporary when we did it. What happened to gratitude? What woud you loose if you didn't have the job you hate?

My first job was at McDonalds when I was 17 and pregnant! I had a ball. I was nice to everyone and it taught me a lot about customer service. I only wanted to whip some one ass 1 time the 2 years I worked there(I was young) But I appreciate what I learned from there and MOVED ON. My momma always said “in everything find your blessing”. IJS

Auto Shop

IJS why do people make assumptions about you? I am sitting in the automotive shop waiting on a schedule service for my car. The lady says to me—‘that will be $91.30, is it okay to proceed?” now I am the only customer in this place as it is early ass hell in the am…..I said “YES” while still typing. A couple seconds later she repeats herself and I said YES again. Now how in the hell am I supposed to know she is hard of hearing and I have to be facing her in order for her to hear me- LOL. It’s was no problem but its not like they had a sign on the door when I walked in! IJS

Recession? 5/12

I’m just sayin why are we all of a sudden in a recession? The last time I knew, we have always gotten laid off jobs, people collecting un-employment until it ran out- filing for etentions, getting more No’s than Yes’. What recession? Why is it now classified as a recession when there have been ‘good’ people struggling for a long time. I am NOT a “blame it on the man” chic by a means- but I can’t stand all this recession talk. My goodness! Before people didn’t have an excuse to be sorry or think outside the box or have more babies than they can afford or make bad choices but now every third word is ‘we’re in a recession”. Were we in one last year, what about 3 years ago, lets go back 5 years ago- what were you doing 5 years ago? Exactly! If you were not any track to get it together- at least trying- then this ‘recession’ is business as usuall.
I am not sayin’ we don’t struggle or go through a bad time. Because we all do. I’m just sayin-if you was not doing shit before- you still aren’t going to be doing shit. I’m just sayin

Stilettos momma dirty kids

I’m just sayin’ why do parents expect so much from their kids and nothing from themselves? This bothers me to no end. Whose cousin, homie, friend whatever was just in the club last weekend and her kids don’t have school supplies or clean clothes to wear? Why are they clean as a bill but their kids are in the line at the store hair un combed and snot running outta their noses? But she has on Stilettos’- -and nice ones! You know who you are---the same people droppin’ F bombs cursing their kids out in public or at home…. I am confused. Its not cute to smoke weed in front of your kids either. I don’t smoke weed, but back when I did- it was none of my daughters business! Then they wonder why their kids are bad as hell, not just get in trouble but stay in it at school, smoke weed waaaaay to early to call it “experimenting” and you are a grand ma and your only 29! WTF??? Then have the nerve to be mad about it?! I’m just sayin- DAMN!
To add on to this- why in the hell is it cute for your kids to have 10 uncles? IJS

Beat Downs 5/12

IJS why do people like to get their ass beat then tell everyone about it? Yes I said it. Why in the hell? Just so they can get back with the man in the next hour? This happened in my FAM- cousin always getting beat down- she must like it or get off on it. I got in the middle of it because that’s what we do and not an hour later who do I see all cozy on the porch? Get some self worth.Exactly. I am not the one. Send out a SOS, A Flare, Call the Police. IJS if your gonna be weak and get beat more than once- don't cry wolf. Then leave the people who love and truly care about you looking crazy.
I hated to put this picture up- but that whole situation just reminded me of my cousin. Dumb young so called LOVE. IJS

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Here I am

okay, so I am now ready for the online world i have been avoiding.....i'm just sayin'

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Frustrating Day

Hello Again,

This seems to be where I vent my frustrations where no one but GOD can hear me. I guess that is okay. I think I am more emotional when I am on my period. I may be noticing a pattern but I don't know. We'll see. I am feeling a little sad because I just thought about my other daughter today. Then my boyfriend is upseting me about the playstation!!!


Monday, December 29, 2008

What a different a year can make!

Hey World,

Today is a great day. I look at my life just a year ago and I was in such dispair and holding on to any faith I had left that I would get back into the line of work I was in when I moved from St. Louis the Summer of 2007.....I can harldy believe that was just last year! Wow! What a difference steping out on faith and just going with your gut makes!

I wasn't supposed to make it. I was supposed to fail and be a horrible statistic....and though some of my decisions in life were not the best, perhaps they were. Maybe going down a few of the wrong roads made me this strong woman I am today. Actually, I am sure they did. I am so happy I could cry. My life is not perfect but I am better off. Just like a old former friend once told me "you'll get what you deserve"....and I sure did.

So a little about my FAM. My mom and dad have been married for 32 years. My little bro is 28 (i think) and lives in Cali w/his gfriend. I have a 14 year old daughter that I had when I was 18 and a 11 year old daughter that I put up for adoption when I was 21.
My bfriend's name is Jessie. He has a son he just found he had about a year ago and he and I and our children live in Oklahoma. Yes, Oklahoma. I didn't know anything about Oklahoma, until this year. Never crossed my mind.

But here I am. Well until the next time....


Laughter is GOOD!