Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stalker Ex's

IJS what does ex mean to you? For me it means your no longer apart of my life or my daughters life, if thats what I choose. Do you have a ex that just doesn't get it? Can't let go. Uses kids as a reason to "see how your doing?" Now I do have an ex or 2 who is NOT interested in being with me romanically. Have moved on, gotten married or whatever.

To have someone NOT get that its over once you said it- move out- stopped having sex act like your just playin or she'll come aroung -That is so annoying to me. Controlling even. Delusional! You hate to be rude but damn! What do you do? How do you explain to your new mate that your ex is calling or doing crazy things to keep in contact with you? I just get an occasional phone call from mine but I know other people whose story isn't that simple. I hate to change my number but damn! IJS


  1. Who delusional, girl? Some people might say, You delusional, girl. I'm Just Sayin'! I'm Just Sayin! lol! ANYway...enough about you lol! but not enough about Sinitaaaaah! THat sound so good I'm sayin' it again, SinitAAAAHHHHHHH! More pictures and news about Sinitai, girl, and less about yo' delusional self!! Sinita! Sinita! IJS! LOL!

  2. Sinita when you read this I think you have a mini-stakler on your hand on MY BLOG!!! LOL IJS People are crazy as hell.

    Disclaimer: If you come to my blog, I might be delusional and use the letters LOL and IJS a hell of alot! IJS

  3. shegar who are you. follow me on my blog or IJS may start charging a fee.


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