Thursday, May 21, 2009

Women are the backbone

IJS Women do everything. I am everything to my family. Do you ever feel like if you were not home to do the smallest of tasks and something as simple as organization of a day or weekend or family vacation or doctors visit or whatever it is----if you took a day off from being mom, girlfriend, wife….they would be lost. GOD gave us a big job. I am comforted in that I know that I am needed by those that I love the most---even if they are too busy not noticing unless I DO NOT do something! Imjustsayin


  1. Your so right, the women keeps the family together for the most part.But don't get it wrong if the woman so happen to be our of whack the man will pick up the mantle

  2. Why don't you have the self-confidence to publish your point of view without adding LOL and IJS every third word? I'm just sayin' it gets irritating reading I'm Just Sayin all the time. IJS! LOL!!

  3. In response to Unbreakable:

    I agree. There are definately some strong men out there willing to do what a man should. (and more) When you have a good one, you can rest assured that your man will as you say "pick up the mantle".

    In response to Anonymous:

    Says the coward hiding behind anonymity. The title of the blog is IJS so you should see it alot. Blogs are like television- if you don't lik something change the channel! Its MY BLOG-- hello!! I can say what I want and how.
    I only used LOL in 2 posts good woman and best sex life- says volumes about your lack of self confidence when my other posts are so transparent. LOL


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