Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Beat Downs 5/12

IJS why do people like to get their ass beat then tell everyone about it? Yes I said it. Why in the hell? Just so they can get back with the man in the next hour? This happened in my FAM- cousin always getting beat down- she must like it or get off on it. I got in the middle of it because that’s what we do and not an hour later who do I see all cozy on the porch? Get some self worth.Exactly. I am not the one. Send out a SOS, A Flare, Call the Police. IJS if your gonna be weak and get beat more than once- don't cry wolf. Then leave the people who love and truly care about you looking crazy.
I hated to put this picture up- but that whole situation just reminded me of my cousin. Dumb young so called LOVE. IJS

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