Friday, May 15, 2009

Best Sex Life

IJS are you living your best sex life? How important is it to you? I love sex. I am very a sensual person. I always knew when I settled down I wanted a man who could feed my desires. I remember being with some crazy characters. You know the guys that just want to get off and leave laying there like Whitney Houston in waiting to exhale. Mad as hell. Even have to call the back up man once he left. Yes, fella’s. Bad sex will turn the most prim and proper lady into a whore for a night! LOL. We will never admit to doing that so don’t even ask. We will lie. Period. Just know that if you don’t want to be the sour subject of a Monday morning email or phone conversation on the way to work—you’ll step up your game. Also, just in case there are any men out there not going down on their partner—you should be castrated! Imjustsayin --- Get the book 101 Nights of Grrreat Sex! It will change your relationship or make it better or whatever! Just do it. (no punt intended!)

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