Thursday, May 14, 2009

Are you even a good woman?

IJS Are you single and don’t want to be? First off- stop acting single. Stop thinking as 1. If you want a mate and I mean a real man to compliment you or a real women to stand by your side- stop complaining with your friends that there AREN'T ANY!!! Hello! Look in your social circle..the people complaining are the ones in constant bad relationships or not in 1 at all. I’m not talking about the people that are lying to themselves that they love being single. I am talking about the people who are tired of being single and going through the BS- kinda. The fact is there are good men and women out there- you are the good man or woman- the dude you broke up with because he just does’t understand you WAS a good man- just NOT for you at that time. So, STOP saying they aren’t any good this or that and you do the changing. I had to realize if I really wanted to be someone’s wife I had to stop acting ho like. Yep. I said it. Most women sleep around hoping the next lay will get them a ring- eventually. But it doesn’t happen like that. Look in the mirror- are you even wifey material today? Do you sleep with 2 or more men over the weekend? LOL, you ain't ready shawty. imjustsayin

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  1. Please. there are plenty of good men out here. most brothers deal with a lot day in and day out with the bullshit of the job, society and then have to deal with the inadequacies, insecurities and bullshit from our own sisters. I do understand why some brothers choose to date outside of their race, I however, choose not to do so. my sisters come in too many sizes, shapes and colors to look at any other race. i do have to admit, there are a lot of sisters carrying a lot of excess baggage from past relationships and situations from their past to see what's right in front of them to appreciate what they could have.


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