Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stilettos momma dirty kids

I’m just sayin’ why do parents expect so much from their kids and nothing from themselves? This bothers me to no end. Whose cousin, homie, friend whatever was just in the club last weekend and her kids don’t have school supplies or clean clothes to wear? Why are they clean as a bill but their kids are in the line at the store hair un combed and snot running outta their noses? But she has on Stilettos’- -and nice ones! You know who you are---the same people droppin’ F bombs cursing their kids out in public or at home…. I am confused. Its not cute to smoke weed in front of your kids either. I don’t smoke weed, but back when I did- it was none of my daughters business! Then they wonder why their kids are bad as hell, not just get in trouble but stay in it at school, smoke weed waaaaay to early to call it “experimenting” and you are a grand ma and your only 29! WTF??? Then have the nerve to be mad about it?! I’m just sayin- DAMN!
To add on to this- why in the hell is it cute for your kids to have 10 uncles? IJS

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