Saturday, May 16, 2009

Think it

IJS why are we as a people surprised that they don’t have all the things we want in life? Do we constantly complain about what we don’t have? Are your thoughts getting in your own way? I don’t have, woe is me, why can’t I, I wish I could, etc… I believe our lives are a manifestation of the things we think and say. If you don’t have the job you want- STOP complaining about that and start professing what you DO want is around the corner or that you will have it or that you’re on your way to getting it! Look around you. Who is in your circle that is doing well AND happy? What is the basis their conversation? Are they complaining about all the things they hate? Probably not. When you find yourself complaining about something- STOP and reverse it- try it for 7 days. See what happens. imjustsayin- life is too short!

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  1. That is a battle I think we all have faced at some point or another and still may battle with from time to time..Positive thinking.
    I am constantly working on me..


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