Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Recession? 5/12

I’m just sayin why are we all of a sudden in a recession? The last time I knew, we have always gotten laid off jobs, people collecting un-employment until it ran out- filing for etentions, getting more No’s than Yes’. What recession? Why is it now classified as a recession when there have been ‘good’ people struggling for a long time. I am NOT a “blame it on the man” chic by a means- but I can’t stand all this recession talk. My goodness! Before people didn’t have an excuse to be sorry or think outside the box or have more babies than they can afford or make bad choices but now every third word is ‘we’re in a recession”. Were we in one last year, what about 3 years ago, lets go back 5 years ago- what were you doing 5 years ago? Exactly! If you were not any track to get it together- at least trying- then this ‘recession’ is business as usuall.
I am not sayin’ we don’t struggle or go through a bad time. Because we all do. I’m just sayin-if you was not doing shit before- you still aren’t going to be doing shit. I’m just sayin

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